OpenAI and Meta Approach the Launch of Super Smart AI

The race to developing artificial intelligence (AI) that magically mimic human reasoning and problem-solving skills is heating up, with tech giants OpenAI and Meta leading the way. These companies are on the verge of releasing AI models that could potentially revolutionize the way we interact with technology, moving towards achieving artificial general intelligence (AGI).

A New Era of AI on the Horizon
OpenAI's Chief Operating Officer, Brad Lightcap, recently shared some insights with The Financial Times about the upcoming version of GPT, OpenAI's well-known AI model. Lightcap's revelations suggest significant advancements in the AI's ability to tackle "hard problems," such as reasoning.

"I believe that we're only starting to scratch the surface on the capability that these models have to reason," Lightcap explained, indicating a breakthrough in AI's cognitive abilities.

Similarly, Meta is not that far behind in this technological race. The company's Vice-President of AI Research, Joelle Pineau, hinted at the forthcoming Llama 3 model, which is expected to possess abilities like talking, reasoning, planning, and even having memory. These developments are crucial, as they represent steps toward achieving AGI, a milestone that both Meta and OpenAI have set their sights on.Click Here

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